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Fifine Gaming Audio Mixer For PC Streaming RGB Mixer

Fifine Gaming Audio Mixer For PC Streaming RGB Mixer

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Take your gaming streams to the next level with the Fifine Gaming Audio Mixer. This user-friendly audio mixer for PC makes it easy to mix and improve the sound from your microphone, in-game audio, music, and more. The built-in RGB lighting lets you add an eye-catching style to your streaming setup. 

Some of the Features Include:

  • Four individual control channels
  • XLR microphone interface
  • All-in-one function
  • Entertainment uses
  • Easy to use

Whether you want to boost commentary audio, create smooth transitions, or produce more immersive streams, this versatile mixer has you covered. Setup is a breeze - simply connect it to your PC and apps like OBS or XSplit via USB. The Fifine Gaming Audio Mixer has everything you need to make your voice and gameplay shine. Your dream streaming studio awaits!

    Gaming Audio Mixer blends game audio

    The Gaming Audio Mixer from Fifine is designed to seamlessly blend game audio and commentary to elevate streams. This easy-to-use audio mixer for PC enables adjusting levels of microphone pick-up, in-game sound effects, background music, and more to craft balanced mixes.

    Fifine Gaming Audio Mixer has RGB lighting

    Customizable RGB lighting on the Fifine Gaming Audio Mixer adds style and personality to any gaming setup. Choose from multiple colors and effects to match your overall aesthetic. The sleek yet durable construction looks right at home among high-end gaming gear.

    Compatible with streaming software

    This user-friendly Gaming Audio Mixer integrates smoothly with leading streaming programs like OBS and XSplit. Setup takes seconds thanks to plug-and-play connectivity. Easily transition between audio sources on the fly.

    Audio Mixer For PC connects via USB

    The Fifine Audio Mixer For PC uses a convenient USB output that plugs directly into any computer. No extra power cords or drivers are necessary. The straight-forward controls and multiple inputs including instruments make elevating streams simple.

    Fifine brand Gaming Audio Mixer

    Trusted source Fifine built this Gaming Audio Mixer to exacting standards catered to PC gamers and streamers. The versatile functionality allows mixing various audio feeds quickly with reliable results every time. It's an easy audio upgrade for amateur broadcasts or professional studios alike.

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