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Italian Stained Glass Egg Lamp & Marble Table Lamp With Night Light

Italian Stained Glass Egg Lamp & Marble Table Lamp With Night Light

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Discover our exquisite collection of italian stained glass and marble table lamps that add vibrant color to any space. Our handcrafted stained glass egg lamps feature colorful easter egg stained glass patterns that cast a warm glow when lit. Place one of our unique stained glass egg lamps on an end table or dresser to provide a pop of color and artisan style. 

We also offer table lamps with night lights that create a soft ambient glow for nighttime. The built-in night light illuminates just enough to guide your way. Shop now for handmade, artistic lighting like our marble table lamps and stained glass egg lamps to elevate your home decor.

Italian stained glass lamps

Italian stained glass lamps are specially handcrafted using traditional stained glass making techniques. Skilled artisans in Italy design beautiful glasses and lamps using premium stained glass. Our italian stained glass lights are unique pieces of art for the home, featuring colorful designs like easter egg stained glass patterns. Made in italy design glasses.

Marble table lamps nightlight

Marble table lamps with a built-in nightlight provide soft glowing light for nighttime. The gentle night light in our marble table lamps casts just enough light to guide your way in the dark. Place this table lamp with night light on your nightstand or hallway table to softly illuminate when needed.

Handcrafted egg shaped lamps

Handcrafted egg shaped lamps made from stained glass have a unique oval or egg silhouette. Our stained glass egg lamps are artistic statement pieces for home decor. Each stained glass egg lamp is individually handmade showcasing brightly colored glass in egg shapes.

Colorful glass table lighting

Colorful glass table lighting can brighten up any room decor. From vibrant stained glass shades to polished marble bases, our colorful table lamps add pops of color and style. Choose from different stained glass colors and patterns to find the perfect table lamp for your space.

Perfect for home decor

Perfect for elevating home decor, our italian stained glass and marble table lamps add artful style to your space. Place one of our handcrafted italian stained glass or marble lamps on an end table, dresser, or nightstand to showcase its artisan craftsmanship.

Unique artisan lighting

Unique artisan lighting like our stained glass egg lamps and marble table lamps is specially handmade by skilled artisans. Each lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Light up your home with the warm, colorful glow of an italian stained glass or marble table lamp.

Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your home?

Look no further than the Italian Designer Glass Egg Tart Table Lamp! This beautiful lamp is perfect for any room in your home, from the bedroom to the living room. The compact egg tart mushroom design is both stylish and fashionable, and the best sandblasting process is used in the workmanship to ensure durability. The smooth surface is easy to clean and is a perfect match for any home décor style. Give the gift of light with this stunning table lamp.

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